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Olympus Season 1 Episode 9¬†Pandora’s Tomb

Hero goes to see Oracle at Aphrodite’s temple, but instead of Oracle he meets Minos’s princess.

She tells him that she comes alone, Oracle doesn’t want to come. She tells him that she loves him.

King Minos found that princess is missing, he asks Oracle where is she. She tells him about Mount ida.

Queen ask the priest about claws she found where Hero is missing, he tells her about their meanings.

Minos Princess finally get Hero sympathy, she try to win his love. He tells her about the curse, she still wants to go with him.

Daedalus tells Queen about Titan, he thinks all the temple are god body and at the center is the Titan. He thinks where Hero heads to is the door to hell.

Hero takes princess with him, Queen sneaks out from Athens and goes to warn them. On the way she is ambush, she is taken. But they killed each other and left her.

Hero and princess arrives at the intersection, they found it’s a pandora’s tomb. She thinks it’s dangerous, she wants them to back but he won’t.

At Athens Oracle finally see that the king of Athens she saw in vision is not Agerus but Hero. She stop before he is killed.

Oracle finally found that Lexicon is not door to olympus but it’s a door to destruction of god.

Hero open the tomb, he see something inside it’s ring of Magi. Princess fell down in the well, Hero jump down with her.