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The Flash Season 1 Episode 11 The Sound and the Fury

Tonight Flash try to corner 3 bikes, with help of Dr.Wells. He get them all the polices come.

After Wells back home, he get called from someone. He is attacked by high pitch sound, but with his speed he can avoid it.

Next day Joe and Barry go to check his house, Wells tells them they can check while he will stays in hotel.

2 years ago, Wells is with Hartley his employee. He is a bit upset when he hired Cisco without tell him.

Joe and Eddie suspicious something about Wells as he can’t walk how possible he avoid all injured.

Wells tells Barry that he knows that Hartley did this, he tells them about Hartley. Seem they have a disagreement.

Iris get the job at the central news, but she is not get a warm welcome. At station Barry thinks that Wells is attacked by sonic, Joe tells him that he doesn’t trust Wells.

Joe get call that Hartley’s company is attack. They rush to there, Flash found Hartley and stop him. Hartley tells them that he knows Wells’s secret.

They lock him in the prison at star lab, Hartley warn Barry that one day Wells will betray him.

Wells tell them about disagreement, Hartley warn him about risk when he start the particle acceleration but he won’t listen. Caitlin and Cisco are upset.

Cisco found that Hartley wants to get caught, he found that he escapes. He break out the prison, he comes to get his gloves.

Wells get Barry help, while Hartley is going attack him. After Barry comes he already gone. Wells tell them that he is going to pay for his crime.

He make a press conference to admit that he was wrong, Wells thinks Hartley will comes. He comes, he wants him and Flash.

Hartley is attacking cars on road, they found him at Dam. Flash goes there and try to disarm him, Cisco found out that Hartley knows Barry frequency.

Flash now is attacked by his gloves frequency, his organ is failing. Wells use satellite to send the frequency from the car radio to destroy Hartley gloves. He help Flash.