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Olympus Season 1 Episode 7 Love and Time

Queen now going to get Lexicon secret from Hero, He found himself at the strange place. He found the monster inside him, Chronos. He said that her heart is too clean.

Oracle while travel she meet the boy who abuse, she stop them. But they attack her instead, then Magi shows up and help her and kill the boy.

She asks her about Hero, Queen tells Hero about Aphrodite temple. She wants him to go to meet her.

Pallas now is in the trial, Priest is willing to sold him out to protect himself. But Lykos goes there and rescue him. Hero get inside the cave and meet Oracle. She tells him that Magi is outside waiting for him.

He thinks that Magi is the one who killed his mother, Oracle found that Hero is here to find love. She thinks she is his love.

Outside Magi shows up to queen, they actually sister. Hero comes out and start to fight with her. But she get him, he tells her to let them go in exchange of his ring.

He get chance and stab her dead. Queen ask if they love each other, they seem finally knows themselves now. She asks him to kill Oracle, he refused.

Ageus found that Minos army is attack them now.