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The Flash Season 1 Episode 10 Revenge of the Rogues

Flash is practicing with the drone to improve his speed, he thinks it still not enough. At night someone break in the garage, they are Snart and his partner. They want to lure Flash in, but they found that only police comes in they retreat.

Barry check the garage and found that steel shatter like glass, he found it’s frozen. They think it’s snart, Barry thinks he try to setup trap.

At Star lab they tell him he should ignore him to avoid casualty, he agreed. He tells Joe about his decision, he will going to focus on improve his speed to stop reverse flash.

Cisco is at the station to shows the police how to handle Captain cold. He shows them the heat shield, but they are not so satisfy.

Catlin found links to Ronnie, it’s FireStorm. Barry there and help her check seem it’s about transmutation, they found Jason might knows something can help Ronnie.

Police found Snart attack the richman at his airport, they goes there and block him with Cisco’s shield. But Mick is show up with his fire gun, Joe shot his gun down. They retreat, Barry found few polices injures for this.

Caitlin goes to see Jason, she wants him to help her. He tells him about Stein, he is missing and after that army comes to get their research.

Caitlin is abducted by Snart and Mick, at star lab Cisco found that both of their gun can cancel each other. Joe call Barry about Caitlin kidnapped, later they are on the news to lure the flash in.

Barry goes to the appointment, now he is seen by people. He also spot Snart and Mick. He start to fight them, while Cisco and Joe go to get Caitlin.

Flash get hit by Snart, Eddie grab the heat shield and goes to help him. Barry get him out after done, he change plan by get the hit from both gun.

He break both gun, and polices get them both. During the transport them the prison, his sister comes and break them out.