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Olympus Season 1 Episode 6 Lexicon

Ageus after finish with a woman he tells her about his curse that will pass to his son. He tells her he will find them, he tells her to run and hide.

He left her and ambush by Magi assassins, he killed one of them and let one of them gone. Ageus explains his son why he left them.

He tells Ageus that they should use this Lexicon, he said he try. He tells him that he needs to put his people first, he is upset and leave.

Queen shows up and tell Ageus that they need him to willing help. She goes to see him, she asks him about them. She tells him to works with her to resolve the Lexicon.

After King of Minos get Lykos’s message, his pricess thinks it’s a trap. He decided to play along with him.

Queen propose Ageus to set him as an heir of throne. He names him “hero”, he announce him to his generals. Lykos fell betrayed.

Ageus’s brother and Priest plan to kill Ageus. Queen try to ask Lykos about what he did to Hero, but he misunderstand her he thinks she is going to dump him.

Ageus tells Hero about his mother and how he met her, King Minos reply to Lykos that he wants him to show up alone. He will spare the athens, Oracle of Gia switch his message before it sent.

Magi goes to see Priest of Gaia, she wants to find Hero. She killed him after know where is Hero.

Oracle of Gaia plan to get in Athens, she wants Daedelus create diversion for her. At Athens Hero dream about Minos princess and Oracle, he is willing to give them his lexicon. After wake up he escapes.

Queen found that Lykos contact with Minos, he tells her about plan. She tells him that he is tricked by them.

While Agues is in the meeting about war with Minos, Queen shows up with intercept message. She tell them that there is one who negotiate surrender term with Minos, she makes Priest and King’s brother Pallas fight each other.

Priest gives up Pallas, Ageust takes him away. Hero gets out and goes to see woman who help him before. He tells her about his curse that will goes to his son, she doesn’t believe him.

Next day Minos’s princess said they captured the spy, Oracle thinks it’s Hero. She try to stop him for getting killed. She tells them about Lexicon, seem she is tricked by them. Now they know the truth, King Minos is upset and going to attack now.

He goes to see Daedalus, he created the diversion so Oracle can escapes. At Athens Queen finally make Hero to works with her.