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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 21 S.O.S.

Jiaying tells them that Shield try to exterminate them. Skye asks Simmons to leave, she tells Coulson about situation. He tells them to find Rober and retreat, Gordon start to attack them.

He hijack one of the ship, and start to fire at village. Jiaying asks Skye why she cause of this, she left.

Skye asks May about it, she said she wants to see Robert. They start to fight, she knock May down. Now Shield retreat, Coulson wants to wait and see the situation.

Jiaying make her people believe that Shield is bad guy, she is upset to Skye. She goes to ask future from Raina. She tells her that she will be the leader of them.

To heal Jiaying absorb people life, Gordon takes one of the agent for her. Hunter and Fitz found that Bobby is taken by Kara.

Ward shows up to Bobby, he found from Warship that Bobby is the one who make Kara’s captured.

Skye found that Jiaying wants to war with Shield, Coulson figured out that Jiaying setup them to war with Inhuman.

Hunter and Fitz comes in tell them about Bobby, they are heading to get he back. Ward put truth serum on Bobby, she tells them that she sell her to cover her identity when she is spy in Hydra.

Shield wants to attack on them first, Coulson tells them to wait him get more information from Cal first. They give him 3 hours, Coulson goes to see Cal.

Raina tells Jiaying about her vision, that one day Skye will lead inhuman. She threaten to expose her, she kill her. Skye see whole things, she figure out that her mother kill Robert. Then her men knock her out.

Coulson try to talks sense to Cal, he tells him that his purpose here is to kill the most he can.

Ward try to get Bobby cooperate with them, but she escapes and start to fight him. but Kara is come out to help, they beat her down.

Gordon teleports few of them on Shield, they planing to attack them. Coulson try to convince Cal that Jiaying is manipulate him, he doesn’t wants to believe.

Now he is in shock, they try to help him. He is back, seems he found what is he missing. Now he can control his power, they can’t takes him down with ice gun. He realize this is Jiaying’s plan.

Ward setup the trap for Bobby to make her sorry, they said 1st person come thought the door will dead, they leave.

Mack found Skye is captured by Inhuman, he followers them. Gordon takes other to get the alien rock.

Cal now after Fitz and Simmons, Coulson hit him with cal. He trap him, he talks to him about Jiaying. He tells her the secret, he now wants to save Skye.

At Shield’s ship Jiaying takes over it, Mack goes to get Skye out. He wants her to hack in ship. Jiaying wants them to expand the beacon, so she can get them all at same times.

She killed another agents with gems to show them that she can killed, they have no choice but do as she said. Coulson found the beacon signal, but they can’t contact May and Hunter yet.

Hunter and May arrived at Bobby’s captive, she try to escape while Hunter is coming. She cover him and hit, he helping her.

Ward thought that Kara is May, he shots her several times. Gordon tell Lincoln about alien rock, it lethal to them. Skye try to stop them but Lincoln shows up, she tells him about Jiaying setup.

She try to convince him but Mack knock him dowm, now they are heading to get crystal.

Now they get Bobby back, they try to help her. She will OK soon, Coulson get teams to the Shield ship. Fitz found message from Skye, she tells them this is a trap.

Coulson’s team goes in alone, Jiaying found that they are not come. She tells Gordon to break all crystal to kill all of them.

Cal tells them that she will deal with her, they just goes find crystal. Skye goes to talks to her mother. Mack is fight with Gordon, Jiaying meet Cal. She use Gordon to capture him, Coulson shows up and help Mack with Fitz device that can contain him.

Gordon shows up in room and trapped, they beat him down. While he dropping the crystal Coulson get it but it start t make him stone, Mack cut out his hand.

Lincoln and May comes to rescue Skye, they wants she left to stop her mother. Jiaying try to convince Skye, she try to kill Skye by suck out her life. Skye use her power to push the plane that contain all crystal down the sea.

Jiaying try to absorb her more, Cal shows up to stop her. He killed her…

Bobby now it’s awake, May is leaving shield. Mack is staying to help Coulson, Cal is say good bye to Skye. He is goes out to be a doctor, he is wipe out memory.

The rest of Hydra now following Ward, Coulson wants Skye to make her team with special power.

They crystal that fell in the sea is dissolve and get in fish and become the product sell on the market.

Simmons accidentally get door of alien rock cage open, it take her inside.