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NCIS Season 12 Episode 24 Neverland

Dornaget’s mother Joanna tortured Sadiq for Luke whereabouts, he tells her that they takes them back to Iraq. She call Gibbs about it.

36 hours ago, she tried to convince Vince and Gibbs to make her join the team. After go to see Dornaget’s body, they found Sadiq alter the bomb by use titanium.

They found local company provide this titanium component, Gibbs try to comfort Luke after his parent died. He tells him that he can shows him who kill his parent.

Tony and Bishop go to see local company, they found it made by Russian and sell by that local company.

Gibbs asks Matthew about Sadig, but he won’t tell then he talking about Arizona. McGee tell him that there is a bomb happen at Grand Canyon too.

Tony and Bishop are at university to looking for Sadig, she notices a boy. When they show him Sadiq’s picture, he run off. He goes to warn him about them, he tells him to get Luke.

They found that all kids get song that embed the word that tell them to hurt people, they also found the Calling release a game. They think they also hidden message in game.

Gibbs found that Luke is missing, that boy Bishop saw at University take him. After that Joanna use her intel to get Sadiq, Gibbs found about another Leader Daniel.

They found Luke, they are going to get him back. At there they found the teenage that may be on the Calling, they following them.

McGee finish the game and found that the calling has a lot of target, they think they get it from government employee’s kid. Vince get some hint from Sadiq, he think the supreme court are in danger.

Gibbs found a girl, while he is distract by her. Tony get called from Daniel, Luke shows up at Gibbs and shot him 2 times.