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NCIS Season 12 Episode 23 The Lost Boys

Gibbs is very upset he wants to get the guy who put bad idea in to the boy, Duck notices the strange tattoo on his arm.

Gibbs notices one of the people around crime scene, he chases after him. But he lost him at the corner.

Donnaget tells them that it’s the group name “Calling” that gather the kid and brainwash them. Their leader is Matthew, they found that they are looking for S-Mine.

Gibbs goes to see Bayar, he wants to know who is chasing S-Mine. Duck tells Gibbs about tattoo on Simek’s arm. He found that it identical to Randal that kill himself for terrorist last case.

They think the calling is linked to Sarah, one who tried to assassinate Imam. Gibbs found that Bayar is locked and can’t help him on this case.

Sarah tells them about this group that this group has nothing with religion, they just wants to make chaos. She tells them about name she see in chat room list, The builder.

She tells them he is Sadiq, they checked and found he bought the building. They go to check it, they found the boy with the gun. He is the same boy Gibbs found at Simek crime scene.

They question him, he is Luke. But he doesn’t want to corporate. They think Luke how to contact Sadiq, but they need to make him corporate. Abby found that Sadiq’s building must has a secret room.

Tony, Bishop and Abby break in the room and found the practiced result of S-Mine. They think he has much more S-Mine.

After Gibbs goes to talks with his adopt parent, he takes him back home. But he still doesn’t wants to corporate with him.

Tony and Bishop wants to get Bayar corporate, he agreed to help them because of children is in used.

Gibbs found that Luke cares his parent, he tells him about Sadiq. Gibbs takes him to see his parent, but they found both of them dead.

McGee found the Calling leader that they are threaten to kill public, Dorneget when try to evacuate the people in hotel. S-mine is activate, he died.

Bayar tells them that the calling try to activate S-Mine in major cities. Then he is hit by gun man. He is survived..