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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 19 The Dirty Half Dozen

Raina dream about Hydra, Coulson and Skye it’s a nightmare. Jiaying wants to knows about it, before knows Cal and Skye shows up. Skye wants Gordon back to get Lincoln, he goes and back with injured. He said Hydra has him, Raina found that it’s like her dream.

Robert questions Coulson about Mike, why he wants him to attack Hydra. In exchange he will open the toolbox for him. He will used his own team, now Hunter, Ward and Fitz are land on Shield.

Jiaying tells Skye that they will not go get Lincoln back, it’s too danger. Mike and Lincoln found that they are captured, warship and List are going to experience on them.

They found that they removed Mike’s eye, but Ward said that he still has Warship. Now they plan to attack Hydra’s base with small team, they make vote and it equal. May is the last vote, but she wants to see him first.

She asks him about Theta project, he said he will tells her later. Skye try to convince Gordon to help Lincoln, Raina shows up and tell them about future.

Simmons wants to goes with Coulson, she said it’s for Mike maintenance. Before they are leaving, Skye shows up. They are planning hows to goes.

While they approach Hydra, List notices them. They shot them down, they hide in the explosion before sneaks in their base.

Once they enter, Warship comes to see them. They separates to get the prisoners, they found Mike. He tells them about Lincoln, they rush to find him.

After she shots several Hydra, Skye found him. His pulse is gone, but she used her power to get him back.

Simmons sneaks after the Ward try to kill him, but Warship is killed instead. He is very disappointed in her and leave her.

Now they are retreat with prisoners to Shield, Ward didn’t comes back. He tells Coulson to help Kara for him.

Jinying goes to see Raina about how she used her gift to send Skye away, then she see the vision about Skepter. The weapon that killed coulson, he thinks List is heading to it. Raina tells her next vision that man that made from metal will tear down the city.