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NCIS Season 12 Episode 22 Troll

A man propose his girlfriend in the diner, then suddenly the car coming through and almost hit them. The driver is Janie.

Gibbs and team go to check her body in car, they found she coming from the high school. Gibbs and Bishop go to ask about her, she was the coach at high school.

They found that she can access the classified info, may be that cause her dead. They question her boss, he tells her that she worked with Columbia case.

They thinks she might crack in the Columbia’s computer network, and they get her back. Tony and Bishop go to get the one who manage the computer network, he has no idea who hack his system.

McGee found that Janie hack into a man Adem’s computer for hours, McGee and Bishop go to see him. Seem he try to hide something, they need to get warrant to get his computer.

They found that Adem works for NSA, they managed to get the data from his computer. They found the list of chat room name, and found that it’s belong to his daughter which also study at same high school as Jaine.

They question his daughter, she tells them about chat room that didn’t talks about normal thing. After she left someone send her more message, Jaine try to help her.

They found the name that link to what Abby found in her wound, he is Peter. They go to see him, but they found his father’s knife is missing.

Then they found he run off, they checked his computer and found he is building the bomb. They found him on phone, they following him and found he is on bus.

Gibbs confront him on bus, he threaten to trigger the bomb. He convinces him to get out, but he failed. He detonate the trigger…