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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 18 The Frenemy of My Enemy

Fitz start to running off his tails, he get on the roof and meet with Coulson. They are going to contact Ward.

Mack and Bobby start to wonder that they are on the good side, Simmons tell May that Fitz has the tool box.

Coulson found Agent 33, he call Ward to see him. He wants him to help find Strucker and List. He offered him to help then he will clear him.

May tell everyone else that the box is with Fitz, now they want her to tap in Mike. She said she will update them.

Skye after know that they are going to left Cal somewhere, she feels pity to him. She goes to see him, to comfort him. She tells him she will go with him, she try to convince her mother about it.

Coulson goes to get Warship with Ward, they will used him to get Stucker and List, Mike goes with him as bodyguard to see List. Warship gains his trust, they are going to their target. Coulson tailed him, they found that they are trying to captured the teleporter.

Gordon takes Skye and Cal to his old home, while walking Skye picks the phone from man. She call May for Coulson, then she throw the phone down for them to tracking her.

Cal takes Skye to his building, then they heard something. They found Lincoln, Cal figure out that Skye try to dump him. He is upset, he hurt Lincoln. But then Hydra shows up, he tell Lincoln to takes her out.

Mike shows up and found her, Coulson and teams see her they rush to see her. Lincoln attacks Mike, Coulson try to find Skye.

At Shield, Simmons hack into Mike and see Coulson with Ward. Warship knocks Mike and Lincoln down, Coulson and Ward found Skye. But Gordon shows up and takes her, Cal tagged along with them.

Coulson found Hunter is injured, Mike is down. Now they are retreat, Bobby and Mack comes to the building where they were. They found Coulson, he wants to see their leader.