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NCIS Season 12 Episode 21 Lost in Translation

Navy Joseph found his captain dead in his house, he get in and attacked by the killer. Killer stab him before left.

Gibbs and team go to check him, victim see him pass. He said he is middle east people, Abby check finger print on victim she found Qasim.

After autopsy, they think he is tortured but he didn’t get what he wants yet. McGee and Tony found Qasim and get him back to question.

He tell them that he is not terrorist, Bishop after checked with CIA she confirmed that. Gibbs found that Joseph and Captain are one who get Qasim back in US.

Bishop and Tony found that Qasim’s brother put the bounty on him, so captain is tortured for looking at him. They are looking for Qasim, his brother put the video he wants to exchange Qasim with his hostage.

Gibbs and Bishop take Qasim back to Kabul, Tony and McGee found Ashmore is the witness who see Kasim run off from captain’s house.

They found the weapon he used to kill captain in his house, he tell them he has no idea where hostage is captured.

At Kabul’s base, they found Qasim is leave the base to see his brother to save the marine. McGee found the base, Gibbs and Bishop are going to get them back.

Bishop disguise as doctor to his brother’s base. His brother wake Qasim up and tells him that he must die with his hand.

Gibbs and Bishop get in along with Marine and rescue hostage and Qasim.