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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 17 Melinda

7 years ago May still with her husband Andrew, one morning Coulson comes to picks her. They going to takes Eva one of the index at Bahrain, they found she is meeting with someone at local cafe.

Coulson goes to talks to her, but people coming for her. Shied try to stop them, but they kidnap some girl. They hide in their base, solider now wants to take care them.

But after they enter the building all of them are gone, May wants to get in. But Shield now has no authorize, he decided to send her in.

She sneaks in the building, she found their agent. But seems all of them are in control, she thinks it’s Eva’s ability.

She found her and is beaten by her, but she takes chances and killed her. But her daughter is the one who has power, she takes down all criminal. Now she is going to kill the Solider, May try to convinces her but she won’t listen.

She has no choice but shoot her. Coulson found her with girl body, the other found that she goes alone and come alive the other 30 of them are dead.

Shield tells her about Theta project, that she is not informed. She said she will convinces Coulson for them. May goes to see Simmons and checked about Thetra’s project, they found he works with Andrew for a while.

Jiaying teaching Skye how to control her power, she tells her not to afraid of her power. While they are studying, she tells her that she is her mother. But she tells her to keep it down.

She tells her that there was a woman stole her crystal and catch up with criminals, she is Eva. Every time someone get pains, her daughter will be stronger. So she thinks that all mother can do anything for their daughter, that’s why there is a rule for. So she wants them to be a secret.

Jiaying wants Skye to see Cal, she wants her to return him something. Now they are together as family.

Linconln found that Raina can dream of the future. Fitz can open Fury’s toolbox, he uses it to contact Coulson.