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NCIS Season 12 Episode 20 No Good Deed

An inmate while make the public service, he found the man’s body. Gibbs and team go to see his body, David.

They found that he is shot, Abby found that the gun belong to ATF. They found that the gun are purchased a lot that time by ATF, and it’s end up leak in public.

Abby found that David’s bike is run out gas, but he doesn’t fill his tank. They check at gas station’s camera and found because he following someone. The driver kidnapped a woman and she asks him for help.

They found she is Jennifer, Gibbs and Bishop go to see her. They found that her daughter is kidnapped. She tells them that she is with bad people, now they BOLO on her.

They found her dead in her car, after check her body they found Jamie’s DNA on her. He seems know the ATF agent, after check seem he works with ATF.

They are looking for Jamie, they found that Jamie is working as weapon dealer now. They setup trap to get him, he comes but he get panic. He shoot at them, Gibbs shoot him to dead.