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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 16 Afterlife

Hunter and Coulson are heading to Skye, while Skye wake up and found that she is out for 2 days.

Gordon introduce her to Lincoln, he is her transitioner. She is worried about her friend, he tells her that only Gordon can make contact out side. She found that she is somewhere very remote. He tells her that the transition is not reversible.

He said that people there is wait for change, but she is already changed. She asks him about Raina and her father, but seems they are not there.

At Shield Robert wants Fitz and Simmons to open that box. But they won’t help and left, he talks to May. He wants her to put Coulson and Skye down, she said he never can put him down.

Coulson and Hunter found what happen to Skye, they have no idea how to get to her. Next morning Coulson call Shield, he wants to takes everyone back.

Lincoln shows her his ability, he wants her to expose hers. She found Gordon, she asks him about her father and Raina, he said do not worry. He also tells her that to send message he needs the permission from elders.

Shield break inside the cabin, Coulson stop to wait his reinforcement. He ambush them down, they tried to disguise as one of them but they are notices and captured. But his backup shows up, Mike. He beats them down and fly up.

Skye found that Raina is here, Lincoln try to convince her. She is upset, and start to shake. She goes to see her, she is so upset and before she killed her. Jiaying shows up and tells her that she is her guidance. She feels that she has to obey her.

She goes to see Cal, she won’t let her see their daughter yet. At shield, Robert try to recruit May on board.

Coulson tells them that to find Skye they need to find Ward, because he knows both Hydra and Shield.

Fitz decided to leave Shield, he left it. While on the way to airport, he picked up the Fury tool’s box. Simmons secretly gives to him away.