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NCIS Season 12 Episode 19 Patience

A man stop his car and pick up one of the hooker, she get on and ask him if he can protect her and family. He said yes then the shooter shoot on them.

Gibbs and team go to check their body, they found that the man is not navy. They found that the car belongs to Lex, Gibbs and Tony rush to MTAC room.

After meeting, Vance shows Gibbs’s team about terrorist from 35 years ago, Tomas. Lex is the name of their operation to track him down.

Later they found that girl knows someone that cut hair for Tomas, and that man is Louis the Navy in special operation. She took him the hair from Tomas, they need to verify that Tomas is the same bomber.

They found someone snatch that hooker’s purse, they are looking for him Eddie. Tony and McGee found him, they question him.

Abby confirmed that the hair is belong to Tomas, now SEAL goes to takes him but he is gone.

They found that Tomas has relatives, they will go to check her. While SEAL get the computer from the raid, he send Abby and McGee to crack it.

Tony and Bishop go to check her computer, after arrive they still need time to break it. Bishop get his relatives files but need time to look for it. They don’t have time.

Then Tony tells them that Tomas arrives at NCIS, he said he wants to be in USA. They question him, he said that DNA is not belong to him.

After checked they found his DNA is not match with DNA from bomb, someone try to frame him.

They found that the US Columbia Ambassador has bug on Tomas’s computer for weeks, they get her in to questions. She tells him that she is threatened to corporate with him, she tells him it’s the drug lord.

Next day the US drone bombard his base.