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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 15 One Door Closes

They day shield fell, Mack and the other agents are hostage. Bobby comes in and rescue them, they tell Mack that Fury left order for them to save shield.

Bobby shows up tell Coulson that Hunter is left, she plant something in Shield system. She sneaks in his office, Coulson while talks with Mack. He tells him that he knows what he plant in his car, he should confess to save everyone time.

He surround him, now he notices that Bobby is with him. May found Bobby while taking Coulson item, she try to escapes. Bobby hit the switch EMP to shutdown light, they escape.

May tells Coulson about real shield, in safe house Skye found the punch on the wall of room. Then she heard the creaking, she goes out and found no one. Then Gordon shows up, he tells her about the changes.

He wants to take her with him, but he said next time. Simmons managed to trick Bobby and captured her, Fitz found the problem that Bobby did. But Mack shows up to stop him, then he help him from explode.

May found that Bobby and Mack didn’t try to get out, she rush back but too late. New shield agent arrives. They arrest all of them, Coulson, Simmons and Fitz.

They going to get Skye, Bobby volunteer that she wants to go too. May escapes from this, she heard their plan.

Coulson is taken to Robert, he wants him to open the tool box from Fury. May warned Skye that Shield is after her, she wants her to run.

May help Coulson escapes, she tells him to find Skye. Skye is found by shield agent, she knock him down. But Bobby and other agent comes, she uses her power knock them down. She is panic and call Gordon.

He picks her up and gone, Hunter shows up to Coulson. He decided to works with him now.