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NCIS Season 12 Episode 18 Status Update

One night Mallory parks her car in garage, someone following her in and attack her. Next day Gibbs and team go to check her body.

Her husband comes in and fount that she is not his wife, he found that someone is in his house.

They found that Mallory is a thief, she broke in their safe before end up dead. She knows both owner scheduler from internet.

They question her brother, Gibbs asks him about her tattoo they found but he doesn’t know. McGee thinks Delilah knows it, she said it’s belong to dragon tooth the terrorist group in Dubai.

They found this terrorist group is aim for military people that post their activity online and hit them. One of them Malik is already in US.

They give the list to this couple to check, they see one name they don’t know Pecan. Abby found that he is Malik,

They go to his place, they found his roommate. He tells them that he will meeting someone here. After wait Delilah and her team shows up.

After search they found Malik’s video about trespass in house, they found also that Malik has assistant. They found found video that he’s the pizza delivery man.

He confess him that he just hold camera, Malik kill that woman because he’s panic. He tells them about Delilah, Malik obsessed with her.

McGee goes to talks Delilah about the case, Malik shows up and hostage them. Gibbs and them go to see her at her safehouse.

They try to convince him that her is on his side, he wants Delilah to shoot McGee. She won’t and attack him down, Gibbs and them shows up and catch him.