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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 14 Love in the Time of Hydra

Ward and Agent 33 are in diner, they kidnap someone who can fix her face. He fixed her face, now she can change her face anytime.

Coulson and May decide to remove Skye from Shield. May thinks she is dangerous than she can handle, Coulson said that she will find the way.

Mack takes Hunter to see his shield’s boss, he meets 4 of them. They try to convinces him to change side, they tells him that since Coulson get alien’s DNA. He is changed and make more trouble, he can’t deny.

Coulson takes Skye out of the base, he plans to takes her to safehouse. Ward and Agent 33 plans to get to Warship, because he’s the one who takes her from safe house and send to whitehall.

Agent 33 disguise as Talbot’s wife and sneak in the air base. Talbot found later that she is fake when his wife called from traffic. He asks them to lock the base down, he called Coulson about her. He tried to questions all female officer, but he can’t find her.

Ward gets in and found Agent 33, she transform to a man. Now they get clearance and goes to see Warship.

Talbot found his real wife but he doesn’t believe at first, he tells Coulson about them.

May asks Mack about Hunter, but he tells her not much. Booby try to convince Hunter but failed, he try to escape. But he found himself on the airship.

At new shield, they found that Coulson hide Skye and Hunter may escapes. But Bobby suggests that they should execute plan to get rid Coulson, she will goes back to him.

Agent 33 now knows that she is Kara, now they hypnosis Warship to obey them.