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NCIS Season 12 Episode 17 The Artful Dodger

Janitor father try to teach his boy hows to work, then they heard the crash. He found Lt. Pine is lie dead.

Gibbs and team go to check his body, they found a pen in the scene. They checked and found the killer might after the supply movement of army.

They question his girl friend, they found not much. Abby found that the original painting is stolen from that room.

They check the fake one to one of the forger, to see who did it. They spotted the plate from killer’s car, they get the flash light that is the murder weapon.

Abby found that this murder weapon also kill another ex-CIA, they goes to see this ex-CIA’s partner. He is killed by attack of the terrorist.

Abby found that the terrorist plant the bug in stolen painting, they come to get it back. They need to get it back for security reason, Tony and McGee found that Pine’s girlfriend is the con artist.

They found that she is the murderer, then they found that the one she is going to contact is the terrorist who plant the bug.

They found her at the diner, and also they found the terrorist. She try to make a better deal with them, she tells them to start to bid. Gibbs and them arrest them.