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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 13 One of Us

Cal and his men goes to see Karla, he try to convinces her to join them. he try to gather them to avenge on Shield.

Coulson asks May to get Garner to evaluate Skye. He agreed but he will only make private to her not to shield.

Cal takes them to break-in the Shield facility to get the special ability out, Coulson found and they are heading to check. They found one of the prisoner missing.

Garner talks to Skye, she is open up to him. Coulson thinks that Cal is going to make war with them, but where.

Coulson and Bobby are waiting to find Cal, he start to asks her about their relationship. She sneaky send message to captured him, now they found them.

Coulson call them for backup, May fly the plane to him along with Skye. Cal open the mouth of Angar, he goes out and scream. People and bird drop down dead.

Skye tells them that she wants to help she will control herself, Coulson and Bobby arrives at Cal. They try to lure him in, Coulson shows up.

May drag Skye in also with gun at her head, she try to trick him but failed. He giving Angar the mike for him to speak, before that one of diviners show up. He takes him away.

Coulson and them try to knock them down, Skye while see people like her down. She start to upset, she pass out.

Skye wakes up again, found her arm is broken. They thinks she didn’t stop it but bring it inside her.

Mack tells Hunter that they are working for real Shield. That diviners takes Cal to their place, he will be decided what to do by someone.