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NCIS Season 12 Episode 16 Blast From the Past

A man drive his car following his navigator to the warehouse area, then he is shot to death.

Gibbs and team go to see his body, the officer there tell them that victim flag them before that if he died inform NiS. The victims is spears, he has the same name as Gibbs.

He tells him that he used his name as alias to investigate undercover, Abby found the tracking device from his car.

McGee and Bishop found his neighbor, seem Spears didn’t work much. Abby found that Spears go to some where remotely for a while, McGee and Bishop go to check there. Before they are there, the cabin explode.

Gibbs found that his identity is created by Stark, she just retried. He goes to see her, she said the identity should be burned except in CIA security network.

Abby found that Spears is gather info about hi technology, they send Gibbs to check what Spears download from company.

They found him download some information to some place, they go there and check found the place is wipe out.

They found another body, his name is alias for Mike. Gibbs notices something about Spears, he found both of them are Serbian spy. Gibbs ask McGee to check another alias that shepard used, Mirinda. He found that she just arrives in US, she has same face as Stark.

They question her, they want her to trick the handler that Mike’s alias didn’t died. They plant McGee, Bishop and Tony there, after wait a while fire alarm ring. Gibbs goes out to check, neighbor of Spears show up in nurse dress try to inject something to McGee.

They arrest him.