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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 12 Who You Really Are

At Portugal a woman walks up from the sea. She says to people at beach that she must find Kava. One of them touch her, she push him across the other side.

May teaches Skye to control her emotion, Flitz comes to see her seems he worried about her.

Hunter tells Bobby about Coulson’s job offered to station her permanently. Shield get called about that woman, May and Coulson go to see her.

They found Sif, but she has no memory who is her. She just knows that she is from Asgard, Coulson found the video about her fighting with other man. After that man throw her to the sea.

That man barge in to hospital threaten a nurse to gives him supply, he turn to blue before tells her that she won’t remember.

From video, they found that Sif cut him bleed. They will get in and collect his blood, and asking the witness.

Hunter found something where that guy is cut, Flitz send it to Simmons. Bobby and Skye checks around the hotel, they found a woman who also lost her memory.

At beach Coulson found the witness he tells them that man takes his helium, Simmons found trace of liquid nitrogen.

Bobby and Skyle found him in hospital storage, he knocks down Bobby but Skye make room vibrate and he can escapes. Skye tells them about him, she thinks he is Kree.

Bobby and Mack discuss about to get Hunter in, but they said they are not Hydra but when they bring them down they will not happy.

Skye tells them she will not participate this case, Coulson and teams found Kree and surround him. They catch him, he tells them that he is here to help.

He said Sif attack him, he said he remove her memory to make her stop following him. He needs his weapon to put her memory back. They takes him back to their base, Kree return Sif’s memory.

Sif tells them that Odin found him here in their world, so she comes here to get him back. He tells her about Kree war, ancient Kree comes to earth to make the killers. They build the crystal and create city, they put the diviners in crate enough to create army.

Simmons found that the crate is empty, they thinks they already transformed. Sif asks about them, and they aware that Skye also there.

Skye start to lost control, all room are shaken. May thinks it’s her, Skye then break all the glass in room. Sif and Kree wants to takes her down, but Coulson and team stop them. May get her out, they knock Coulson and team down. Bobby trick him and knock him down with his weapon. He lost his memory now.

Sif break in, Skye knock herself down then rumbling stop. Next Sif takes Kree back to his planet, Sif warn them this is dangerous for them also the other Diviners.

Skye heard the other talks back about her, she locker herself in jail. Hunter confront Mack about his secret with Bobby, he knocked him down.