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NCIS Season 12 Episode 15 Cabin Fever

The patrols make the car stop, they found an old man is sick. Gibbs gets called from Vince, there is gas explosion on deck.

But they found it’s a bomb, they thinks it is Sergei. Russion counselor thinks it’s not Sergei, if yes then he think it will be him.

At NCIS, Fornell shows up and tell them he wants to get Sergei. Vances and Gibbs try to get him out of case. Gibbs leaves the investigate to his team, he takes Fornell to remote house.

Tony and McGee goes to question the victims, but they don’t get much. Bishop tell them that Gibbs asked his husband to send them the files related to Sergei. They found the relation between counselor and Sergie.

Counselor goes to see Surgie, he wants him to kill Gibbs in exchange that he will back in Russian with immunity.

At NCIS they found that Ari and Sergie is half brother, Abby found that the bomb has detonate. They go back to see the victim, they found that his father know Sergei.

He tells them he and Sergie is a childhood friend. He said he threat him to send package to navy, he tells them that he meet Sergei to day to borrow the device that can block the cell phone transmission.

Sergie is shows up near the Gibbs’s cabin, he enters the cabin and found Tobias. Gibbs hit him at the back.

They setup him the empty gun, if he surrender they will takes him in. Otherwise they will after him, he shoot Fornell. Fornell shoot him dead.