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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 11 Aftershocks

Aftershocks episode, in 1983 a man is appear and disappear in the room all the time. Jiaying (Skye’s mother) comes to see him, Gordon. He has no eye, she comes to comfort him.

Skye is now in the contamination room, Coulson is outside and try to comfort her. They all moan to him, they get Mack back. Coulson tells Skye that he is going to make them pay.

At hydra the 5 heads left are moaning for Whitehall, now they are looking for replacement.

Down at temple, while the team of scientist finish the chamber. Reina shows up and killed them, Simmons spots her and shoot but she escapes.

Coulson tells them to move the act to Hydra, but they start to have big argument about what happen. He trades his prisoner to general to aids them to destroy the Hydra.

While they are transport the prisoner, they are ambush. May is hit, so Coulson. Prisoner escapes with Hunter, apparently it’s the stage the set for him to believe.

Warship call one of hydra head, lighthouse. They make an appointment, hunter then gun at him Warship try to talk out. Hunter act like thinks then say ok to him.

Raina goes to see Cal, he found her transform. But he found that Skye also there in temple, he is worry about her. She asks him to help her, he tells Raina there is no change back.

Hunter and Warship at the Bloom’s place, Warship gets inside first and will pick him up later.

Simmons tells them that they should put Raina down for good, Skye is hearing them about it.

Warship tells the other Head that seems the other plan to killed them, Warship plan to kill Hunter also. Now they activate the bomb around all other heads, 3 of them are dead. Hunter and Bob get in and finish Bloom and takes Warship.

Fitz tells Skye about her condition, she start to lost control of herself. He tells her that she has something wrong, she make the room explode he run off.

But Fitz comes back to help Skye, he clears her with May and Simmons. He helps her covered, he tells her that she just different but nothing wrong.

While Raina is going to captured, the man with no eye shows up and takes her away. While they are celebrate for Hydra down, Bobby and Mack talking about some items of Coulson.