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NCIS Season 12 Episode 14 Cadence

Someone drag the body into the wood, later some hiker found him and call the police. Gibbs and teams found him, Wallis. Tony found that he is in the prep military school, and he has a photo in his hand.

Duck found he get several wound, they found that before he died someone call him from that school. They found it’s the photo of girl from that school.

Tony and Bishop go to the school, they found she is dead 10 days ago because overdose in her room. After that Wallis received call from her dorm and then he gone missing.

McGee found that it’s Lucas that call Wallis that night, Abby remotely turn on Wallis phone and found it at Federic’s house. Lucas tells them that he called because he should know about her.

Gibbs goes to see Federic, he is Wallis’s mentor. He tells him about that night, he is a mess he try to guide him.

During way back, someone call Tony and Bishop wants to tell them about Wallis and his girlfriend. Tony found that he is his friend from the school Travis, he tells him it’s not safe.

He tells him about Honor corps push Wallis girlfriend to dead, Tony remembered them they almost get him if his coach not stop them. Travis tells them that she is punish every night before she died.

He tells them that Wallis knows all then he try to confront Honor corps, then he end up dead. They found that it’s Lucas following and stalk her in her house. Tony and Bishop goes to see Lucas, he confess that Wallis comes to see him. But Tony’s Coach comes to stop him.

Tony and Bishop goes to see his Coach, he takes him to question. He tells him that he talked him but he didn’t killed him.

He said he didn’t use that car, after check they found that Wallis takes his car. But killer takes the car back. She found something about carpenter, Gibbs thinks about Federic.

Federic tells him that Wallis comes to him to ask his help for gone public for school, he said he should following their motto. Gibbs said Wallis did but he didn’t.