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Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 Episode 10 What They Become

Now they try to escape from fighter, May use her trick the fighter that they destroy them.

May inform Coulson about Skye, they prepare to interrupt Hydra about temple. Wed takes Skye to see her father, Cal.

He tells her about how she born, how she is taken from him. Then he said this is her destiny, he tells her that he didn’t work for whitehall or hydra.

He tell her how her mother die with whitehall, then whitehall’s man tell him that he wants to see him. He tells her that he is going to kill him.

Shield found that Hydra make short cut to temple, they are going to stop them. Whiltehall call reina, skye, Wed and Cal. He asks why skye is here, he thinks it’s because she can touch obelisk. He asks her to hold it, Ward and skye try to fight back but failed.

Whitehall remember Cal and Skye now, he secure them. Shield is at the temple, one team try to destroy the temple. The other will get skye and stop drill.

Shield get inside, Cal get out and after Whitehall. While he is going to shoot Cal, Coulson shoot whitehall to dead. Cal is upset, Coulson tells him he will stop him from use skye.

Ward release Skye out, she grab gun and shoot him several times. Skye stop Cal from kill Coulson, she tells him to leave. He agreed to leave, Skye tell Coulson she will stop Obelisk.

She goes at the hole but too late, Raina already takes Obelisk down. Raina found Mack, she asks him to take her there.

Coulson found that Skye is down, he following her down. May tells other team about Coulson and Skey, Tripp goes down to stop the bomb.

Skye found Reina and Obelisk, Obelisk start to activate. It lock them inside, Tripp get in successfully before locked. Coulson found it locked, he can’t get in. He also meet Mack again, but after Obelisk open he knocked down.

Skye and Reina start to change, Obelisk then explode. Tripp see both of them change to rock. So is he.

Cave start to rambling, Skye get out the stone. She see Trip died, he breaking in to pieces.