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Marvels Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 8 Valediction

At theater, SSR goes to check the victims. Danise found the gas item. He accidentally get the gas, he start to attack them. They stop him before he killed.

Peggy questions Danial about what happen, he said he remembered that he wants to kill all of them.

At SSR Peggy tells them that Russian Doctor has the gas more than 10, he did this for what purpose. Stark shows up, he tells them about gas “midnight oil”.

He said it’s a failure product, he build it to make soldier wake all the time but it causes something else. They found the photo of russian doctor Fennhoff, Stark tells them he wants be bait to lure him.

Before Fennhoff and Dorothy get out country, they found that Stark is in city. They head back him.

At conference, SSR announce that he is clean. Then shooting is begin, Jarvis put Stark in patrol car. But he found out that police are dead near by, the driver is hypnosis by Fennhoff. Now he taking him to him.

Peggy found that they try to hit time square, they found the car but not Stark. Jarvis think he knows where they head.

Fennhoff, Dorothy and Start are at his air field. He try to hypnosis him, he fly the plane out when they arrive. Jarvis fly out to stop him, the rest search the building.

Peggy found them, Dorothy and her start to fight. She kicks her out of window, Peggy try to bring him back.

Daniel found Fennhoff he try to hypnosis him, but he put something in his ear he can’t hypnosis him. He knock him down.

Finally Peggy convinces Start back, but she found Dorothy escapes.