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NCIS Season 12 Episode 12 The Enemy Within

Navy seal break in the terrorist’s base in Syria and rescue an american woman Sarah out, Vince tells Gibbs that he wants him to debrief her.

Abby found that at least one of terrorist is american, from their weapon they found finger’s print owner still in america, Kyle.

Gibbs and Bishop go to debrief her, they ask her about Kyle and she doesn’t know. She tell them she wants to back to Syria to help more children.

Tony and McGeee go to talks with Kyle’s mother about him, then they go to see Kyle’s ex girlfriend.

Vince inform them that Kyle is back in US now, Tobias and Gibbs question Kyle’s mother. Abby tells them that there is another american in terrorist, Randall. They found that he just arrived.

Now they following him to Kyle, but during the way he notices something. He alert someone at hotel and stop before hotel.

Gibbs and them found him but he killed himself while they corner him. They found that Kyle was in hotel before he left.

Gibbs goes to see Sarah, he shows her the Randall’s picture. She said she doesn’t know, he left. Inside her room, Kyle is there seem she is their leader.

While Fornell and Bishop stakes out side Kyle’s house, his mother comes to tells them that Kyle asks her for money, she wants him stop. They got him.

Vince found that Sarah shows up to see Imam, she has the private meeting with him. At NCIS Abby found that Sarah is master mind, Gibbs call Vance.

Vance rush back to her and Immam, he stop her before she killed him.