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NCIS Season 12 Episode 11 Check

While people of diner open their shop today, they found bodies in. Gibbs and team go to check them.

He 2 ex-wife shows up, they want to talks to him. Back at NCIS, Abby found that the captain is start to shoot them. She found that they all has a meeting with tax consultation.

His 2nd wife goes to see him at night, she tells him about her treatment she needs to talks to him.

Next morning his 1st ex-wife and McGee found them both on couch, she is upset. She tells him about something wrong in their record.

They go to check the address of tax consultants, they found the gun case and blood. After check they found the blood belong to victims at diner.

They found another body on street, they also found he connected to tax consultants too. They found that the victim has the same wound as Mike. Abby tells him that she found that the crime sketch is exact same as one with dying of shepard.

His teams suspect on his wife, they found the money is hack from her. They think she involve. He has no choice but question her.

She tells him that her money is from will of her uncle, she tells him that she is setup. Abby found her phone is bugged, she found that it’s from Sergei.

They go to check his place, Gibbs found that he follows his wife for a while. Then he get a call from his 1st wife to see him, he goes to see her and found that it’s a trap. She is shot in head like kate. Sergie shots her.

Back at NCIS, they found the 2nd video Seigei send the message to Gibbs that he will after his family. Abby tells him that last time someone hack here they get all his files, then she realize something.

Abby wants to release the virus again and trace back to him, they found apartment where he might there. Gibbs turn his car there and barge in apartment, he found Sergei and his men.

He found him but he is knocked down. He wakes up by Tony, he found from them that Seigei escapes.