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Marvels Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 6 A Sin to Err

The doctor they bring back from Russia, he tells them about past how Leviathan is terrify. Peggy thinks that girl is the reason that Stark involved about it, Chief tells her to chase it.

She asks Jarvis about how Stark’s woman in past 6 months, Dorothy is in the doctor clinic. She killed him and get his office.

Danish goes to prison, he wants to ask one of them arrest about woman hit him. He confirms him that she is Peggy.

Peggy and Jarvis get the list of woman that involve with Stark, they go to check one by one. She think that spy might has the bruise on her wrist same as that kid.

Dorothy send signal to that doctor, he send her the message to kill Peggy. Peggy and Jarvis go to see last girl, she sneak in her room. She quite sure it’s this one.

Russian Doctor try to control chief, he almost finish before Danise show up and interrupt.

At diner, Peggy found that they are surround. They fight the way out, she needs to get the blood back. At station Chief commands them to get her back, he place the doctor with one of his agent. Doctor takes control on him, he wants to know where is Stark’s weapon. He make him suicide.

Peggy get back to her room to get blood, while SSR’s following her. She get out the building, her friend cover for her. She tells her that she knows that she didn’t work for phone company.

On the way out, Peggy found Dorothy she make her sleep, she found that she is the spy. Before she killed her, SSR shows up and get her.

They question her at SSR.