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Marvels Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 5 The Iron Ceiling

In past at russian, girls are gathering and trained. Dorothy is the one of them, today she is the neighbor of Peggy. She steal her key’s room.

At SSR, Peggy found that they are busy on decode the message from device. She help them decode it, they found that Leviathan try to buy something from Stark.

They decided to send her with the team to Russian, they will meet their team over there and found Dugan he fight side by side with captain america too.

She thinks this is a trap from Leviathan, they wonder what they want. Danish found out that Peggy is the blonde woman they have her photo.

Chief found out that Stark in at the Russian massacre, after that he gets all contract from government.

Peggy and team found the factory, they sneak in. They found the american’s class room, and then they found a kid. She stab Dugan before escapes. They continue the search and found the prisoner.

They said they capture them because they want them to build weapon, but they can’t. They get them out, they back to USA safety.

Dorothy get in Peggy’s room and search, she get one of stark’s photo out.