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iZombie Season 1 Episode 13 Blaine’s World

At Blaine’s shop he captured Major in his freezer until he tells them where is their goods. At morgue they found the other body from band, Ravi shows her about cure. But he has only 2 doses.

Liv see the vision, she think that Max is killing them to destroy the memo. At Max’s place, he is showing his leader of lab about Sebastian. He tells him that he is zombie, he needs him to study his kind. He tells him about Liv, after that they talks to Clive and Liv.

They tell him about Sebastian and the band, they didn’t get much. They notices the last of the band, they are checking him. From footage at shop, they found that he is in the trouble.

They go to check him but they found only his phone, from footage Clive found that Cameron is the one who drive. At night he goes to see his customer to sell the thumb drive, when he leave he found that his car explode.

On bus Cameron found that he is tracked, he try to get off the bus. Polices get him to station, they question him.

After questions, Liv thinks that Max is on something. She goes to check Ravi, Ravi tells her that Major is missing. Blaine found out that Liv has his goods, he tells her to bring it to him exchange for him. But he tricks her, he didn’t give her Major.

Major escapes from Blaine’ shop, he get his weapon and back to kill them. Julian comes back and found them, Major use grenade on him. But without aware, Blaine stab him, Liv shows up and shoot him.

He tells her that he is the one who stop zombie in city, then she found Major is not dead. Blaine tells Major that Liv is zombie too, he threaten them that he will make more. Liv stab him with Ravi’s cure.

Liv see Major is dying, she makes him zombie. He is upset that she turns him, at Blaine’s shop. Suzuki kills himself and destroy the shop.

Clive check the place, he notices Julian. He wants to question Major, Liv use the last dose cure on him. Liv found that her brother is injured from the bomb, they want her blood to help him.

She said to them no.