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Marvels Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 4 The Blitzkrieg Button

While Jarvis is making the deal of business, which is failing. Peggy knocks the rest of them, they found Stark in the container.

He tells them he wants to get back his place, but SSR are all over his place. She sneaks him into her apartment instead.

He wants her to check all his items at SSR, so he can check which one is missing. Danish takes a homeless near by the dock, he thinks he might see something that night.

Stark tell her that all of his items is there, but he needs her to steak one of them back. He tells her one of his can turn off all grid in city, she needs to bring it to him to turn if off.

Peggy found that Stark and Jarvis are lied to her, but she put the dummy in and get the device out. She press that switch, she see the tube of blood inside.

She asks Stark about it, he tells her it’s captain america’s blood. She hit him, he sorry her. He try to explains her that he plans to used his to cure all disease.

Mink is sneaks in the apartment, but he meets Peggy neighbor. She killed him instantly. Peggy hide the blood in her room.

At station, Chief see the communication device start to typing.