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Marvels Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 3 Time and Tide

At night Jimmy try to see Peggy in her apartment, but he knock on wrong window. Peggy point him to good one.

Police found killer’s key in crime scene, they check his room and found his communication device. They found the plate belong to Stark, they are checking who drive that car.

Peggy tells Jarvis that if she check that how thief can get Stark item, they might know who they are. Then SSR shows up and question about Stark’s car, they bring Jarvis to question. Peggy rescue him from them, they are very upset on her.

Peggy goes to see Jarvis, she wants to check Stark’s vault. She found big hole in his room, it leads to sewer. She thinks thief get the items through the river.

She asks him about his treason, he tells her about how he gets his wife illegally to USA. They are at the end of sewer and see the ship with same symbol.

They think the thief hide items in ship, they go in to check. They found Stark’s items, she wants to return to SSR. But Jarvis explained her that she can’t, so she tell he called in to Danish.

She is attacked by thief’s partner, he beats her down. Jarvis comes and help her, she help him while he is beaten. They left before Danish comes, now polices get all items.

While they are transporting it back to SSR, one of them sending the thief’s partner to SSR. Both of them are killed.