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iZombie Season 1 Episode 11 Astroburger

Major found one of his friend in mental institute, Scott make suicide. He told Major about zombie, Clive and Liv go to check him.

His doctor tells them about Scott that he also on boat at lake washington. Major tells her about Scott tells him about zombie. He tells her about Scott’s video but he didn’t see yet.

After Liv get Scotty brain, she start to see the devil. It keeps talking to her, Major spent the night on her couch.

Seems one of astronomer is missing by Blaine as Kaiser asks, Liv see vision seems one of Scott’s girlfriend wants the baby but he is not happy.

They go to question his girlfriend in mental institute, after back to morgue Liv found Blaine. She tells him about video, but seems he is not aware.

Next day, the weather man comes to see Scott’s body. she asks him about Scott’s video. But he doesn’t know about it, but he can show her where he hide the things.

She found his computer and from it she can find where is his phone, she is at the mansion room. While Major is at his room, same with Blaine and  Julian.

He burned his place down, Major sneak in the trunk of him to following him. He found his shop.

Liv found the man from mental institute leave his room, she get in and found his phone but she needs code to access. She make the noise at his room and called 911, she display his stolen drug.

Clive tells her that now they can questions him, he tells them about Scott’s doctor. Seem she is the one that pregnant with Scott, they question her. She confess that she has to choose him or baby.

At night Liv tells Major about her truth, but seems he can accept it calmly. Next day one employer of Blaine tells him that he lost all his goods. He is very upset.

Ravi found that his rat is no more zombie, seem he is very close to cure. Liv found the code to access Scott’s phone, she found his zombie video. She found herself in video.

Major comes in and shows her the goods from Blaine, he said he will going to kill him.