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Marvels Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 2 Bridge and Tunnel

Peggy is looking for apartment, finally she decided to stay at Stark. She tells Jarvis from now on she will make the mission alone.

The killer tortured and killed to get information about the bomb, Peggy disguise as health inspector to find the truck that carry the bomb. She found one the truck missing, she goes after him.

At SSR, Peggy found from Danish that he has the photo of blonde from club. But he needs to get out before see it, she call Jarvis to dispose Stark’s car.

At noon, she try to get the files from Danish but failed. Chief wants her to help on scan about radiation, she first get rid her first. But during scan she notices one man from factory, he pass scan but she suggest her chief to check his cloth from morning.

He start to run, she knock him down from escape. They question him to confess, at night Peggy and Jarvis goes to see the suspect before SSR found out.

Peggy found the truck that missing, inside she see a lot of bomb. She found the one who throw the bomb, she asks him about Leviathan.

He tells her that Leviathan wants only one thing, he won’t tell her. She takes him back to SSR, but on the way killer following them.

On the way one of bomb is trigger, Peggy pin the killer on car while her and them jump off. The cars drop in sea before explode, but that other man dead. She asks him before he is dead, he draw her something before die.

At SSR, Peggy found that the photo didn’t catch her face. police found the plate of Javist car.