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Marvels Agent Carter Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot

Peggy is talking with Captain America before he put his plan down the ice. She is his partner for long time.

Peggy is working at phone company as disguise, which it’s a disguise to the SSR’s base. Now she is the meeting about Stark, they need to find him for excuse as traitor. She against them, she tells them that she knows him.

Detective Thompson is lead the case, he throws her small case to take care. She is so upset, while she is in coffee shop she get message from unknown man.

She meet him in ally, he wants her to come with. She knock him down then Stark shows up and get her in the car.

He tells her about his hidden vault is stolen, he wants her to help him find out about it. Tonight he flee the country, he tells her about his first stolen. He left his butler Jarvis to help her.

Next morning Carter found one of detective has photo of Stark and girl on boat, she thinks this woman is special because Stark hate water. He tells her about the fence for Start item, spider.

At night she goes to see him, same night one man just drop Stark item to spider. She manages to see him, and get him sleep. She found Start item, she call Jarvis about it. She tell him now they make it as bomb. He explains her about that bomb.

She get out his club with it, spider met his buyer who not happy because it’s missing he killed him. Once she back home, she destroy it. Then she heard the sound, she found out her roommate is killed. She found the killer and fight him, and throw him out of window.

She tells Jarvis about what happen, now they need to find wehre it’s come from. He tells her that he knows some one can answer, they found a factor who can produce it.

At night she and Jarvis go there, she sneaks in factory to find it. She see 2 men at lab, they just finish the other bomb.

They notices her, she knocks one of them down. She follow the other, she found a truck full of the bomb. He tells her that he doesn’t know that killer, he said Leviathan is coming. He throw the bomb down and escape, so is she.

The bomb explode whole factory is gone, next day at SSR they found the blonde woman is with spider before died. And they get the photo from photographer, before they found who they get called about explode at factory.