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iZombie Season 1 Episode 9 Patriot Brains

After Liv found out that Lowell is Blaine’s customer, she left the building without him notice. Then she found Blaine’s employer, she notices their brain.

Liv tell Ravi about it, Ravi tells her to get info from Lowell. She goes to see him, Ravi found that Major plan to use gun on Blaine’s employer.

At paintball field, a player found other player dead. She blame Lowell for what he didn’t do, he tells her that Blaine make him zombie and he has no choice. He didn’t tell her much, she upset and left.

Liv and Ravi go to check body at paintball field, Liv and Clive go to talks with victim’s brother Harris. He tells them about his wife, they questions her Penny and Sean her affair.

While they go to questions their daughter, she see vision of victim attack Sean. And Penny threaten him with her knife.

Liv start to get vision from victim, she get in the paintball field and she really good at it. While she play she found the real case, she thinks someone tall kill victim.

Clive and Liv go to see victim’s room, she thinks that his brother might kill him. Major gets in the gym and tell his trainer that he wants to eat brains to get bigger muscles.

Clive and Liv found from victim’s neighbor that Penny is almost kill victim. Lowell comes to tell Liv that he is sorry, he just dug out the grave to get brain from corpse not the fresh. She give up, after she see Blaine’s menu from Lowell. She thinks that she needs to kill him.

Lowell makes the meeting with Blaine, he tells her he will helps her. Blaine get on his car and found Kaiser, he complaints about his brains it not good. He tells him that he needs the astronomer’s brain.

Clive shows them that the killer might put the gun on drone and shoot victim, they go to check his Sean computer and found it.

Liv break in and steal the sniper, she plan to shoot Blaine. Major found Julian in his house, he’s beating him. He asks him who tells him about brain, Major escapes by stab him with his key. He run off to get his gun, Julian arrive almost hit him with his hammer.

Major shoot him several times, but Julian change his eye to red and grab him one more time. He shoot him again, he thinks he is dead. Major called Clive, but his body is gone.

Lowell lure Blaine on the roof so she cant takes him out, Liv get clean shot. But she decides not to do. Lowell see the Julian’s picture and get the vision that he kill that teenage. He decided to kill Blaine himself, but he missed. Blaine shot him in head.