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Helix Season 2 Episode 13 O Brave New World

Julia try to fix Alan from her shot, Jordan tells Kyle to get most cure as he can carried because once those ship at shore they gonna needs it. She will goes to make a deal.

Amy still not dead, Landry rescue her but she become ugly likes him. Anne and Peter found the original tree too, Peter tells her that they should gives to Ilaria.

Soren decided to take a revenge on Peter, he grab knife and goes to find him. Peter while going to the root, Soren stab him and escape.

Celeb tells Julia that 30 years ago, he was here also. But he will tells her everything if she tell him about way to san jose.

After Alan wake up, he takes mother from Julia and escapes. While Jordan and Julia looking for Alan, they found baby that Amy and Landry lure them.

They surround with mother from mother’s room, they are also looking for Amy. But finally they escape from them.

Alan goes back to the original tree, he try to burn it. Peter shows up and knock him down. Peter then also wants to burn it too. He try to burn him along with the tree.

Ship call Kyle that they will send chopper again at 0400, he rush to find Jordan. Amy goes back to check Jordan but she surround by mothers. They start to pull off her teeth.

Julie found Alan in Abby which on fire, Peter rush back in fire to find the baby. Jordan and Kyle is out of Abby, helicopter is there. Julia gets Alan out the building..

Julia tells Celeb that she knows the way to San Jose, she asks him who is he. She found that he is Soren.

They takes him out of island to hospital, Julia found that Peter and Anne already gives mother to Ilaria. Julia found that she is tricked by Ilaria.

Peter is arrest for mass murder, Jordan found Alan is in coma. She decided to do something.

Celeb tells her that Alan and Hitake works together to agains Ilaria. Celeb gives her his blood, he thinks it can safe her. Julia refuse his, she said she wants to see him.

Alan wakes up and found himself become immortality, he is very upset.

In year 2029, Ilaria complete control the population, a woman try to beg to get the pregnant. Nurse tells her that doctor now ready to see her, she meets Jordan.