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Grimm Season 4 Episode 22 Cry Havoc

Nick is sad about his mother, Hank and Trubel realize this might be a trap. Kenneth tell his men to kill them all.

They rush out, they following them. But they could escape, Trubel shows them the one she killed. He takes his head with him.

Nick goes to see Adalind, tell her that Royal has Diana and they kill his mother. They gather Monroe and Rosalee to be safe, and Nick will goes to get them at their hotel.

Kenneth takes Diana and Juliette to see the king, while they happy. They get call that Grimm is escape. King tell Kenneth to take care of him.

Adalind get in hotel room, she plant the head in hotel. Then she scream out loud, next Nick and Hank get in and question her. Then they request the information about other guess in room.

Now they are looking for them, they catch him at front of hotel. Wu drives him out of city, Rispoli escapes and back to report to king. King doesn’t care and still leaving.

Wu drop him at abandon factory, Nick shows up. They start to fight and struggled. Nick killed him. He come out and tell them that Juliette and Diana are with Royal. Now they need to get Trubel.

They know where is her, now they go to see her. Trubel asks Nick what they should do if find Julitette, he said kill her.

They sneak in house, they found they will be on helicopter. Nick barge inside to see Juliette, Respoli get inside to get them. Nick found King and Juliette, he following them.

But too last they are gone, on helicopter the meingser is the pilot. He throw the king down.

Nick back home and found Juliette, Nick strangle her but he can’t and let her goes. She woge and attack him, he won’t fight her. She is going to kill him, Trubel shows up and shot her.

Chevaz come with her men, she tell them to get her.