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Helix Season 2 Episode 12 The Ascendant

Peter and Anne help each other to gathering all dead body, after finish Anne tells him that now he is become Ascendant. Peter tells her the plan to get cure from CDC after done.

Alan found their child with Jordan, Julia let them alone. Anne tells her about original tree, she said she can access Michel ledger if Eli allow.

She found that her Eli is Peter, he is become their new leader. Olivia tells Kyle about Peter’s plan, she wants to thanks him and Alan for save Soren.

Julia asks Alan to help her find the original tree from paint with star, Kyle goes to warn Jordan and get her out before they attack them.

They are escaping but her child’s jar is leaking, She said she will asks to Anne. Peter and Anne found that Olivia might warn them.

Alan and Julia found that the original tree is at the Abby, Kyle is almost get caught by Peter. But Soren hides him, both of them see Peter kill his mother.

Anne takes her people to search on CDC, Jordan get chances to hostage her. She asks her about jar. She cut her foot part to force her to get her a jar, she takes her to mother’s room.

Alan and Julia thinks the tree might be in the diner room, she found something on floor. They found that Michel build Abby on it. She thinks that Michel must has access to root somewhere.

Jordan found the jars, she asks Anne to release all of them. Julia and Alan found its root, Alan tells her that they are too late.

Kyle contact one of the ship, he asks them to evac them exchange for the cure. Anne goes to see Peter and tells him about them, he needs to stop them. Peter fire at helicopter and make them retreat.

Julia is really happy she found that mother is on soil not tree, she can takes her and spread everywhere. Alan try to kill her, He said he needs to stop Ilaria, she also draw her gun and shoot.