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Grimm Season 4 Episode 21 Headache

Nick fired his gun to Monroe, but Hank is rescue him. After done she left, all of them now give up on her. Nick is going to warn Sean, but Jack pick up his phone. They rush to see Sean, they get in house and found Sean alone.

They ask him where he goes before home, he said to see Henrietta. They rush there and found she dead. He tell them they need to find the killer.

At night, Kenneth put his men around Nick’s house. Juliette and Kenneth get inside house and checked around. They go to make up upstairs.

Nick and Hank get caption home, he tell them about problem about blackout nightmare, so he went to Henrietta, but she can’t help so he left.

After left, Nick tell Hank probably it’s inside him ? Once he back home he found his bedroom is not done. Then he thinks about Adalind, he tell Hank to see her.

At night Sean is wake up and found Jack in him. He then blackout again. Nick goes to ask Adalind about him after tell her about Juliette,  she tell him when he back alive something must back with him. And now take control of him.

Nick found Sean caught on security cam, then Sean wants to see them. They tell him about possession. He agreed to be on the watch, they send Wu to after him.

At shop they think that Jack might know what Sean know, Nick think they should really shot him. At Sean house Jack is take over and knock down Wu.

At Nick’s house, someone in hood show up. Kenneth call Juliette when she goes to look. he gone, but Kenneth’s men following him. When he woge, Trubel cut his head.

Nick and Hank found Wu is missing, they following him. Sean takes him to get prostitute. Nick and Hank arrives and stop him before he kill another, they take him to Rosalee.

They give the potion to make him feel like death, he drinks it all and lie down now they wait.

Outside Nick’s house, a jeep is coming and park near by. Juliette get call from Nick’s mother. She get down the jeep with baby, she is ambush in house. Juliette goes down to see. She found Diana, Kenneth comes in cover with blood.

Jack suddenly wake up and grabbed Rosalee, Monroe tell them to kill him. Rosalee take chance bit him, she escape and they shoot him down.

Then they see something get out from his mouth, he awake and  Jack gone. Trubel shows up tell him that something big at his house.

Nick and them get to his house and found a box on floor, he found his mother head inside.