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Helix Season 2 Episode 11 Plan B

At military base, the scientist is demonstrate the gas that can kill money in few seconds. They prepare a lot of them.

Peter tell Anne that to make them peaceful they must not allow anyone leave the island.

Alan and them comes back, he notice Julia. She tells him about Ilaria’s plan, but he doesn’t agree with her plan.

The guards go in to collect Landry and Julia’s partner body, but Landry wakes up and kill them.

Julia explains to Jordan about her plan of her baby, she thinks like this her child may be able to grown.

Captain notices that the solider is going to attack the island to kill all disease along with everything. She said this is plan B, this is because they should be out long time ago. There is no evac.

Alan tells her that he will concentrate the cure, while she goes out to find the bunker for them. Once he has a cure then they can negotiate.

Peter talks to Kyle try to convinces him to kill Alan, he secretly release him. Jordan decided to help Julie  to exchange with Amy.

Alan is exam Soren’s blood to find the answer, he tells him that with his blood they can make cure from.

Kyle knocks up his guard and escape, Peter sneak in and kill that guard. Alan and them found the guard hang down,  they thinks it’s Kyle. But Alan thinks it’s Peter. Captain doesn’t care, she needs to get out ASAP.

Julies and Jordan are plant the child in Amy, after Amy wakes up she see her silver eye. Peter trick Alan to see Julie, but inside he meet Kyle and captured by him.

He excuse him that he works with Michel to create disease. Soren found them and goes to get the cure. He put it into him, he help Alan down.

Outside solider start to spray the plan B, captain and her men start to collapse. Julie is out to get the mother outside the Abby, Amy is outside thinks that she is immortal. But back then Julie and Jordan just change her eye to silver.

Julie comes back with mother, she get few gas so the mother. It’s dead.