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Grimm Season 4 Episode 20¬†You Don’t Know Jack

Nick and them found that his trailer is burned. They check inside found the damage she did, they gonna takes the rest to Rosalee’s shop.

Juliette get in Nick’s house and trick her mother to come to see Nick. At night Jack takes one of prostitute and kill her on ground.

Nick and them tell Rosalee about what happen, they all say she can’t stay with them. They decided to put her on Bud, he tell him to not to answer anything.

Nick get house and he found that Juliette use the computer, Next day they go to check the body. they found her throat is cut and her abdomen too.

Adalind goes to get her mother remain, at station they check the body they have the killer like Jack the ripper.

At shop, Rosalee is the one who takes organ from her mother. Nick and Hank shows up to get more info from his left books. They found the may be Jack the ripper is not dead yet.

Wu call them about 2nd victim, she is roomate of 1st victim they just talked to. Once the back shop, they tell them that potion is done. Adalind wants to test it first, it works.

So now they have to get Juliette to take it, Nick try to call her but she won’t pickup. She is with Kenneth while they are planning to attack Nick.

Juliette call Nick, he tell her about suppressant. He wants to meet her now and she agreed. They left, she shows up and refuse to take it.

She beat them down, while Nick gun at her. she force it and make he shoot.