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Helix Season 2 Episode 10 Mother

After they found that their mother, the original apple tree is missing. Julie talks to Amy about it, she tells her that she needs to be immortal in exchange.

Soren tells Alan about that he knows bleeding tree, they should takes Kyle there. At Abby Peter and Anne try to looking for mother, Julia tells her partner to find new leverage on Amy.

Amy try to get mother from Landry which failed from Jordan’s spine fluid. She tells Jordan to fix Landry, but he suddenly get up and drag her out.

But he meets Anne and Julia first, he let her goes. He get to his hideout for mother. Julia’s partner threaten Amy to get them the mother, he will following her everywhere.

Julia try to explains Jordan about the ilaria’s plan, Jordan tells her about baby. She helps her to get her baby out, but they found his tank is leak. Julia tells her to work together.

Kyle’s condition is get worst, he start to get illusion. Captain can contact back to her ship, but she found that her ship is infected. She tells them to find that tree.

Kyle tricks Soren to release him, but he kidnap him they all running after him. Amy and Julia’s partner found Landry and mother, she grab it while both of them fell to ground.

Anne shows Peter the room where woman gives born, she tells him it’s all about control and respect. She wants Peter to become their leader, after one of woman give birth he kill her.

Julia and Jordan try to explains Amy that what she wants it might takes time. Amy is upset and wants to kill baby, Julia tells her that baby is the key. She need him to put back in her womb then she will be immortal. Jordan scream and against it.

Soren finally takes them to the tree.