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Grimm Season 4 Episode 19 Iron Hans

Group of people try to on vacation of unplug, they are all wesen. They have a camp about how they will live in world. At near by their camp at night, a man is hitchhiking car, he is attacked.

Nick tell Monroe and Rosalee about Juliette, they suggest that may be Adalind knows something about it.

Nick and Hank found a man body, they found some track. They think they need Monroe. Once they see the track they are sure is wesen.

Kenneth tell Adalind that he knows that Nick is her baby father, and he is going to tell Juliette about it. He thinks she will switch to his side.

Nick and them track it to private property, they go check the owner Bowden. After they know he is Grimm they are not freak out. Monroe seems used to be here, they ask about camp that night. They take them to there.

Kenneth bail Juliette out, he tell her about Adalind’s baby with Nick. Adalind is freak out and comes to see Nick to tell about her child, she goes to see Sean first.

Sean get Nick, he is stunning. She tell him that she wants him to protect her from Juliette. And she knows how to suppress Hexebiest, that she needs dead hexabiest which is her mother and Rosaless’s help. She convince Nick, Juliette arrives at Station.

Nick is going to bring her to Rosalee when they meet Juliette on the way. it’s an awkward situation finally Juliette leave.

Nick bring her to Rosalee, she agree to help. Juleitte goes to see Kenneth, he wants her to send message to Nick’s mother that he is in very danger.

At camp Monroe goes their to checkout  Bowden and his son, he found out that it’s his daughter who kill them. He rush back to tell her father, they rush out to stop her.

He call Nick about it, they rush to find her. They found her is stabbed by her prey, she complain them that they never let her play with

At night Juliette goes to his trailer and burn everything.