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Helix Season 2 Episode 9 Ectogenesis

While Anne try to win people back from Amy, but she failed. She tell them that CDC and Anne are same as Michel.

Peter found that Ilaria is on island, at shore Juila and … arrive at shore. She thinks that she can make reasonable to Micheal.

Amy threaten Jordan to give her immortal otherwise she will kill her child, she tells her how she is immortal. But she said it’s dangerous.

Jordan thinks she can ask Alan, but Amy tells her that she wants today. She said about Peter but she said he is busy with her mother.

.. and Julia arrive at Mansion, they knock the door. Anne and Peter comes to open the door for them. Julia explains them the problem, but Anne is not interested. She left.

Peter tells them that he needs the price to get the baby, in wood Kyle is abducted by infected people. One of them try to get his eye, but someone comes and stop.

Alan and solider are tracking Kyle, while he checked around he get hit by trap. He wakes up and tell them they are very close.

Amy get spine fluid out from Jordan, they are going to test on Landry first. After done he start to have seizure, Amy thinks she tricks her.

Anne explains .. and Julia about their apple, she said when man eat it prevent them from reproduce. But when Anne wants to show it to Julia, they found it’s missing.

Kyle found from the missing boy that infected people eat something from bleeding tree, it stop them for more sick. He finally escapes from their house, but they are following him. He decided to infected himself, so they won’t eat him.

But he is wrong, they still wants to kill him. Then solider show up and shoot them dead. He tell Alan he is infected. They need to find that tree before he died.