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Grimm Season 4 Episode 18 Mishipeshu

Nick and Hank go to see Monroe and Rosalee for dinner, then after talks about Juliette Nick upset and get out.

Juliette at the bar, she just attack the man who disturb her. She leave calmly..

At night in school while janitor is working, a wesen shows up and attack him. Next day Nick and Hank go to see his body. They question the principle, she tell them about bully and weird event but no one found anything.

At wood a kid Simon found himself cover with blood, when he looks in water he see wesen.

Sean bring Rosalee and Monroe the book and hat. He tell them to be careful. Nick found out Juliette is arrest for assault. Nick goes to see her, she seem likes to be Hexenbiest. Nick didn’t get her out.

Sheriff and Hank go question Simon’s tribe. They tell them about Simon ritual spirit, then he asks them about Simon’s father. They tell them he is beaten to death infront of Simon. And nobody care about him much.

They go to see another victim, they found that he has connection with 1st victim. At night Simon chanting and then wesen spirit comes out to him.

Nick and them after cross check all victim contact they found Max is next victim, they go to see him. At night while Max is home, he found someone at his house. He is attack by wesen, and thrown out the house.

Nick and Hank get in house and flush it out. It escapes and running out to wood, sheriff see it too. They go back to ask the tribe, they tell them what they saw.

They said it might be Mishipeshu, he thinks it’s possible that Simon involve because of his mother. They takes them to do the ritual, but without Nick. Because he is different, after a while Hank get something.

He is become Simon, and he see all of them who kill his father face. While Nick get sheriff out, Hank get out and run off. They know where is he should go, they lead them to where his father buried.

Hank meet Simon and Mishipeshu comes out and get into Hank. Then he run off after notice Nick and them arrive. They found Simon injured, so it might use Hank instead to kill all murder.

Nick think he will goes after Max, at night Mishipeshu in Hank arrives at Max house. But he found Simon instead, when Nick comes in. He start to attack him, they put some powder to Hank. And it left him.

When they get out, Hank tell Max that he saw what he did. He is upset and get in house, there is nothing they can do to Max. Nothing can prove him guilty in court.

At night Mishipeshu in sheriff goes to kill Max in house.