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Helix Season 2 Episode 7 Cross Pollination

Alan wakes up and found his hand covered with blood, but he barely remember what he done.

In 1601, Micheal found the pleasant girl. He married her, but she cheats him. He burns them alive. Durant tells Julia about Michel’s project that the crop that he experiment can make only few man to get child. So this solution will help world without kill human.

Julia said she should goes to see Michel island, Amy tells Michel that people start to scared about sick. He said he wants her to be the top and organize, he will needs the announcement.

At quarantine Kyle tell Alan when see him that last night he can’t find any of them, he said Olivia hide them well. Then Michel get in room, he announce them that they should stay there for safety.

One of them asks what he is going to do for the sick? He said yes he will let them die, they are upset at him. Before left, he tell Landry to lock them down.

When Alan and Kyle back to lab, they can’t find Jordan. Alan thinks that what he try to find is under Abbey, in Abbey Jordan wakes up and feel pain in stomach.

During the way out Jordan found some dead, she spots some infected. She hides in the room and see children, but their father is going to attack them.

After he gone, she takes them escape. Alan and Kyle found the place that Jordan is operated. Kyle thinks that he is drugged, now they separate to find her.

Children’s father following them, he almost attack them but Alan stop him. Kyle see Amy is talking to Michel, she doesn’t wants to belong to him.

Michel tells her that he knows everything, now he wants to finish what she and Landry started. He plan to kill all of them, she doesn’t wants to help.

He locked her in cage, Alan and Jordan use ultrasound to check her fetus.¬†They can’t find it, Alan tells her that he might be attacked too. She is upset and tells him to leave.

Kyle goes to see Amy but he won’t release her, he found the prison and help Peter and Ann out. He tells them about Michel’s plan, Ann tell them he is going to kill them all.

At quarantine, Michel gives them the thinning. He drinks it to show them that safe, Kyle and them rush to stop them.

But too late they drink all and start to collapse.